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Bottling and Beverage:

Brenmar has moved products ranging from dressings, water and juices. We have engineered these processes to meet merging, accumulation, dividing, rinsing mass flow and single filing.

Snack Foods and Bakery:

BrenMar has experience with working with the snack food and bakery customers over the last 30 plus years. Our focus is helping our customers make food safely with reduction of waste and streamlining the sanitation process. Types of baked goods systems BrenMar has collaborated with includes chips, snack mixes, doughs, bulk ingredients and cereals.

Frozen Foods:

BrenMar’s legacy started in the Frozen Food manufacturing industry. Engineering solutions for the frozen food industry is our mainstay of how we do business. Some of the most challenging processes and conditions lie in the frozen food industry with temperatures, cleaning processes and product demands, but BrenMar has meet those challenges head on with solutions to all demands that the customer brings to our team.

Meat and Poultry:

Meat and Poultry manufacturing process is a high challenging and demanding industry. BrenMar’s sanitary conveyor design and cleanability meets and exceeds the USDA and the FDA food safety regulations which is the utmost of importance to ensure the production environment is safe to operate without recalls.