About Us


BrenMar specializes in all facets of shutdown and rebuild work. This specialization includes operating under time and budget limitations while maintaining excellent quality. All BrenMar employees realize the importance of each day of downtime, and the lost revenue that accumulates for our customers due to the downtime.

Services offered:

- Shop Fabrication: Tanks, Structural Steel, tooling and other miscellaneous fabrication

- Machine Shop

- Millwright: Precision equipment setting and laser alignmnet

- Piping: Design, fabrication, and installation

- Underground Operations: Foundations, Walls, Floors, and Steel erection

- Plumbing

- Other: We typically subcontract Electrical, Roofing, Asbestos/Lead Abatement and insulation to other proven and competent contractors who specialize in these areas

About BrenMar:

BrenMar Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 1988. BrenMar is known for their efficient methods of creating specialized Sanitary Stainless Steel Conveyors, Aluminum Conveyors, and Nickel Steel Fabrication. We have a 16,000 square foot facility that makes handling product a simple and safe task. Also allowing us to assemble the product before it is shipped, guaranteeing quality and un-interrupted field or plant placement at the facility or job site.


BrenMar takes pride in guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction with high-quality products alongside it. Working alongside clients throughout the duration of the project. We structurally develop our production methods dependent on customers needs and expectations.